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Colonization and American Revolution

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US History STAAR Review Game

Created Date 05.09.19
Last Updated 05.10.19
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Topics of this game:
  • What was the significance of 1607?
  • What colony was set up for debtors?
  • Religious revival that inspired political change
  • 1st written Constitution in the New World
  • When did America declare independence from England?
  • System where the colonies exist for the benefit of the Mother Country
  • What is the correct order of the geographic features of the US from WEST to EAST?
  • Virginia was founded by one of these
  • Shipping, fishing, whaling, rocky soil
  • Breadbasket colonies
  • Tobacco, cotton, fertile soil
  • Colony founded by Pilgrims looking for religious freedom
  • Jamestown settlers were originally looking for