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Things to o in Australia!

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The best places to go and parks to visit.

Created Date 12.18.19
Last Updated 12.19.19
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Topics of this game:
  • What is the capital of Australia?
  • What natural attraction, formerly an indigenous people sacred site is a national park and a world heritage site?
  • Which top tourist attraction, a 300 km road stretching down Australia's south eastern coast boasts great ocean views and a scenic stop at Otway national park, with rainforests and warm beaches alike.
  • Which famous and widely photographed beach, a popular surf location attracts 2.6 million visitors per year?
  • Which observation tower in Australia's largest city is the second largest in the southern hemisphere?
  • Which volcano, although it appears small, discharged 190,000 years ago creating miles of underground passageways where burning lava flowed?
  • In what large Australian City is the famous Vegemite made?
  • Which, although once a popular island destination, is now somewhat of a ghost land due to its main resort closing down?
  • Which restaurant, rated the best in Australia and chosen as restaurant of the year six times is perched on the edge of Sydney harbor?
  • In which Australian national park can you swim in passages through walls of natural rock formation meters high?
  • Which UNESCO world Heritage site, the largest reef in the world spans 2,300 km along Australia's east coast?
  • Which City the largest in Australia, famous for its cuisine, attracts many tourists throughout the year because of its many outlets to popular tourist attractions?
  • Which famous bay, a central part in the Australian Hippie movement boasts beautiful beaches, and an old lighthouse?
  • Which two quaint towns, near 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites include great beaches and scuba diving options.
  • Which bay, although a long drive from major cities, lies in western Australia and has great beaches for snorkeling and Scuba Diving?
  • Which building in Surfer's Paradise, the tallest in Australia features a gourmet café, and a guided tour of the outside of the building( harnessed).
  • Question Which national park, Australia's biggest, spans a staggering 20,000 square kilometers, with roaring waterfalls, steep cliffs, and gorgeous scenery?
  • Which bridge is world renowned for its glittering lights and climbing tours?
  • Which iconic mountain in Tasmania, towers above sapphire- blue waters of Dove lake?
  • Which urban area near Sydney boasts delicious food and shops selling rare items, influenced by east Asian culture?