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2nd Grade Social Studies Landforms Review

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Created Date 04.06.20
Last Updated 04.06.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Something that stands for something else is a _________.
  • Land of areas that are wet and have special animals and plants are called ___________.
  • Different kinds of water on the Earth are __________.
  • _____________ are the largest areas of land on Earth.
  • Words such as norht, south, east, and west are called _____________.
  • The result of an action a person or group takes is a ____________________.
  • A ______________ is a picture of an area from above showing special features of the area.
  • A natural feature of a land surface is called a ____________________.
  • Where a place is found is called its ____________________.
  • Things that were made by people are ________________________.
  • A _______________ is a usually rounded height of land that is lower than a mountain.
  • There are 50 states that make up our
  • A ________________ is a box that shows what the symbols on a map mean.
  • There are 50 of these units in our country and they are called
  • ___________________ are things that were not made by humans.
  • A ___________ is the tallest kind of land.
  • The planet with land and water that we live on is our ______________.
  • Different ways to move people and goods from one place to another is called