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Created Date 03.15.23
Last Updated 03.15.23
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Topics of this game:
  • very high hills next to each other
  • There are many ____ in a forest.
  • There is a lot of ____ in a desert.
  • There is a desert in _____.
  • There are a lot of beaches in _______.
  • There are a lot of sunflower fields in _____.
  • a big piece of land with a lot of trees
  • There is smoke coming out of the _____.
  • There is a volcano in _____.
  • There is a forest in ________.
  • _______ a forest in Germany.
  • an area of land for growing vegetables
  • an area of sand next to the sea.
  • In England, there are the famous White ____ of Dover.
  • There is a mountain range in ______.
  • a big hole/room in the rocks
  • There is a cave in ______.
  • This is very dry land with a lot of sand.
  • In Spain, there are many fields with _______.
  • This animal lives in the desert.
  • In winter, there is _____ on the mountains.
  • There are many ____ in Amsterdam.
  • The canals are full of ______.
  • There are many canals in _____.