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Texas Independence

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Created Date 12.19.17
Last Updated 12.20.17
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Topics of this game:
  • Apaches, Comanches, and other American Indian tribes inhabit their native lands all over Texas.
  • The Spanish arrive, claiming Texas as part of Mexico. The first settlement is at Yselta,
  • The Spanish began establishing missions in Texas, including San Antonio.
  • The chapel that would come to be known as the Alamo (“cottenwood”) is built.
  • The first Anglo settlers arrive in Texas, led by Stephen F. Austin.
  • Austin’s settlement begins to prosper
  • In the Fredonia Rebellion, two American settlers attempt to break away from Mexico
  • Newly elected Mexican president Vicente Guerrero abolishes slavery
  • Texans seek to exempt Texas from the antislavery decree.
  • Fighting breaks out between Americans and Texans in Gonzales.
  • March 2, Texas declares its independence but Mexican troops are besieging the Alamo