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Constitutional Amendments 11-22

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Civics - Constitutional Amendments 11-22

Created Date 11.20.18
Last Updated 11.21.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Federal courts can't hear cases inolving states being sued by an individual
  • Electoral college must use a separate ballot during Presidential elections
  • Slavery is abolished
  • All people born or naturalized in the USA are citizens
  • Cannot take away the right to vote because of race.
  • Congress can collect income tax
  • Two senators per state, elected by citizens, serve 6 year terms
  • Alcohol is illegal
  • Women have the right to vote
  • Establishes a start and end date for POTUS and Congress
  • Repeals the 18th Amendment - alcohol legal again.
  • POTUS can serve a maximum of 2 terms, or a total of 10 years.