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Constitution Study Guide Tic-Tac-Toe

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This game is about the constitution, laws, and the government

Created Date 01.15.19
Last Updated 01.16.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Changes made to the constitution after its creation
  • Right guaranteed by the first amendment
  • First 10 amendments that list right every person should have
  • Each side gives in and/or agrees to reach an agreement
  • The house in congress made up of representatives based on population elected for two year terms of office
  • The house in congress having two representatives from each state elected for 6 year terms of office
  • Carries out the laws, headed by the president
  • Makes the laws in the U.S. congress
  • Includes the supreme court, which can rule a law is constitutional
  • Money paid by citizens to fund government operations and services
  • Name for the division of power in the government
  • People chosen to speak for all americans
  • First U,S. Constitution, replaced in 1787
  • Controls used by each branch of government to control the other and divide power
  • Second president of the United States and member of the Federalist Party
  • Third president and author of the Declaration of Independence