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Executive Branch

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Learn about the executive branch

Created Date 02.18.19
Last Updated 02.18.19
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Topics of this game:
  • A person must have attained at least the age of __________ to be a candidate for president.
  • The candidate for president must be a natural born citizen of the US and a resident for at least __________ years before he/she can run.
  • A president is limited to ________ terms for a total of 8 years.
  • The current cabinet has this number of members and executive departments.
  • The first cabinet under Washington had this number of members and executive departments.
  • The heads of the cabinet are called _____________.
  • Cabinet members are nominated by the president and approved by the
  • A/an _________________ is the center of a nation's diplomatic affairs in another nation and it is usually located in a __________ city in the host nation.
  • All of these are tasks done by an ambassador or another representative of an embassy except for one. Which one?
  • A US Marshal does all of these things except for one. Which one?
  • The president can fire most people he/she appoints (with senate approval) except for certain high ranking officials of particular entities and judges. Most people serve at the
  • The president's closes advisor is his/her
  • The Chief of Staff
  • EOP stands for
  • All of these are qualities of an executive order except for one. Which one?
  • This allows the president to refuse to release information for national security reasons.
  • When the president is helping to campaign or taking some other activity that supports his or her political party's agenda, the president is acting as
  • When the president is taking measures to reduce unemployment or decrease inflation, the president is acting as
  • The room in the basement of the White House where major crisis meetings take place is called the
  • As ____________________ , the president signs or vetos bills and suggests new legislation to Congress.