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European Governments

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Practicing the differences between Presidential Democracy, Parliamentary Democracy, and Federation.

Created Date 03.13.19
Last Updated 03.13.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Which democracy allows citizens to vote directly for the president?
  • Which type of democracy allows for citizens to vote for the members of parliament?
  • Germany has which type of democracy?
  • Russia has which type of democracy?
  • The UK has which type of democracy?
  • In Presidential and Parliamentary Democracies, citizens have the right to vote after they turn a certain age.
  • Which type of government has a strong central authority and smaller local authorities that SHARE the power?
  • What is a benefit to Federations?
  • The Prime Minister is PART of the legislature in which democracy?
  • Russia has a government style where power is divided between one central authority and several regional/smaller authorities. This means Russia has a...
  • A country that has a king or queen is a..
  • The UK has a parliamentary system of Government. This means that..
  • The BEST description of a Federal System (Federation) is..
  • Russia is a bit different. In Russia, citizens vote for the PRESIDENT. The president then chooses the..
  • In a parliamentary democracy, the Parliament
  • CITIZENS of Russia, Germany, and the United Kingdom all have similar...
  • The president is SEPARATE from the legislature in which democracy?