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Political Campaigns and Elections in the U.S.

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This incorporates T/F questions for module 3

Created Date 03.26.19
Last Updated 03.26.19
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Topics of this game:
  • The group that tends to be overrepresented in the electorate is young voters age 18-24.
  • When a political party has a strong presidential candidate, they would prefer the party-column ballot.
  • A major function of the mass media is conducting elections.
  • In presidential debates the incumbent has more to gain than the challenger
  • Women voters are more supportive of extending rights to gay men and lesbians.
  • Internet polling is problematic because many Americans don't go online
  • The era of Good Feeling was from 1810-1819
  • The early democratic party was uniformly hostile toward African-Americans
  • Republicans have been known as the party of business and self-reliance.
  • Most of the president's nominees for federal judicial positions are chosen on a partisan basis.
  • Candidates for U.S senate must be a resident from the state elected and 30 years of age.
  • Candidates for public office are likely to be lawyers
  • The goal of the political campaign is to win the election.
  • The goal of the political campaign is to provide competition that will allow the most qualified candidate to be elected.
  • Most PAC contributions go to the challenger.
  • Voting by mail greatly reduces the possibility of voter fraud.
  • The cost of campaigning has been driven up by the need to purchase billboard advertisement.
  • One of the major tactics of paid-for political announcements is to use positive advertisement.
  • Most of the media in the United States are private, for profit corporate enterprises.
  • When we say the media helps set the public agenda, we mean the media identifies issues that merit attention.
  • Spin refers to
  • Voter turnout for local elections is
  • For a political action committee to be legitimate, it must
  • most political consultants
  • People who choose to run for office can be divided into two groups:
  • One of the largest obstacles for potential presidential candidates is
  • a major reason for the two-party system is the election based on
  • The party in government is
  • the party in the electorate is
  • the first partisan political division in the United States was between