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Civics Vocabulary 1 - Whole List

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Vocabulary study - Civics 1

Created Date 08.27.19
Last Updated 08.28.19
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Topics of this game:
  • People who settle in a new territory as citizens of their Mother Country
  • Freedom
  • to confirm or certify
  • Unable to be taken away
  • Referring to the entire country
  • A written law
  • Something made up of different parts held together in a particular way.
  • Permission
  • Someone who is chosen to act and/or speak for a large group
  • Complaints
  • The action of following someone or something
  • the state of being worthy of honor and respect
  • idea which receives support from more than 1/2 of voters is followed
  • to block or deny passage of a law
  • to fire or kick out of office
  • To write or make laws
  • Branch of government that writes or makes the laws (congress)
  • Branch of govt that carries out the laws (President and cabinet)
  • Branch of govt that evaluates or interprets the laws (Supreme Court)