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Judicial Branch Bingo

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Select the correct term based on the given definition.

Created Date 09.27.19
Last Updated 09.27.19
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Topics of this game:
  • the highest court in the country
  • deals with disputes about laws that apply to the entire US
  • deal with disputes about state laws
  • the first court to hear a case
  • one side feels that the other side violated their rights in some way
  • the decision of a court case
  • the decision at the trial court stands
  • the power of deciding what is constitutional
  • witnesses, videos, photographs, a letter, a murder weapon
  • a group of 12 people listen to the evidence and decides who wins the case
  • above the trial courts; review cases from trial courts
  • the decision is not upheld or overturned
  • reviews trial court decision for error, decisions must be followed by all trial courts
  • a person has been accused of committing a crime
  • there is no jury, a judge gives the verdict
  • asking an appellate court to review a case
  • the case is sent back to the trial court to start over
  • the federal system is divided into these; also called circuit courts