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Type Of Tissues

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Which type of tissue describes the sentence that is put up above ^

Created Date 10.27.20
Last Updated 10.28.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Covers body surfaces and lines body cavities to form boundaries, protect, absorb, and filter
  • Supports, protects, insulates, transports, and binds other tissues together
  • Supports, cushions, and protects organs from external environment
  • Includes fats and the fibrous tissues of ligaments
  • Supports and protects organs from external environment
  • Transports substances throughout the body
  • Made of tightly packed together cells that allow for contractions to cause movement
  • Skeletal, Smooth, and Cardiac
  • muscles that involuntarily propel substances or objects along internal passageways
  • The main component of nervous system organs that control regulation and communication
  • highly specialized nerve cells that generate and conduct nerve impulses
  • muscles attached to bones that control voluntary movement
  • muscles of the heart that involuntarily contract to propel blood into circulation throughout the body
  • Epithelial tissue, Connective tissue, Muscle tissue, and Nervous tissue
  • one or more cells that create and secrete different products (like hormones)