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Adolescent Development Trivia

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This game will test your knowledge on Adolescent Development.

Created Date 11.08.17
Last Updated 11.09.17
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Topics of this game:
  • Which of the following is not a change that occurs during adolescent development?
  • Because the brain structure during adolescence, teens generally have certain characteristics, compared to adults. Which of the following is not generally a characteristic of teenagers?
  • "Responsibility Development" is a key developmental task of the adolescent stage. Adolescents must demonstrate the ability to make sound decisions, to be appropriately self critical and correct his/her own mistakes, to solve problems without hardship to others, and to contribute to family and community in a meaningful way. Which of the following is an impediment to successful completion of this task?
  • Adolescence is a time in which young people, while learning to think for themselves, tend to try on and later discard values and ideas which they may have learned from their families. This is sometimes known as?
  • Being raised in the following type of extreme family style can provide the basis for an adolescent to develop anti-social or delinquent behavior?
  • Many troubled adolescents - some of whom engage in delinquent behavior - display a number of fairly common characteristic behavior traits or patterns, often as a result of factors involved in their development. Which of the following traits and behaviors is not common of troubled adolescents?
  • Which of the following is not a family pattern often associated with anti-social behavior or delinquency?
  • In the adolescent stage, consequences are necessary for correction. Adolescents learn through the processes of all of the following except?