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Branches of Psychology

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This game is a review activity for a grade 10 Psychology class.

Created Date 01.26.18
Last Updated 01.26.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Studies the effects on behavior of chemicals released into the brain due to stress.
  • Studies why or how some people are much more sensitive to pain than others are.
  • Studies what mental strategies people use to solve complex word problems.
  • Works to help both young and old people deal with changes in their physical abilities.
  • Studies how people respond to situations or crisis events.
  • Studies whether or not lifestyle makes a person more likely to get cancer or heart disease.
  • Works to help people who have strong fears such as of crowds or spiders etc.
  • Works to help people have better organizational skills and study habits to cope with college or work
  • Studies which teaching methods are best for a certain group of students.
  • Studies ways to help students who are struggling in school.
  • Studies questions such as 'does watching violent TV or movies promote violence?'
  • Studies ways to improve morale, behavior and safety in the workplace.