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Unit 02 Biological Perspective Overview - Rapid Fire

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Understanding biological perspectives and foundations in psychology.

Created Date 07.17.18
Last Updated 07.17.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Jenny bumps her head and is suddenly unable to see. There is nothing wrong with her eyes. Which part of her brain did Jenny damage?
  • A specialized cell that makes up the nervous system that receives and sends messages within that system is called a ________.
  • The function of the neuron’s axon is to ________.
  • The charge that a neuron at rest maintains is due to the presence of a high number of _________ charged ions inside the neuron’s membrane.
  • During action potential, the electrical charge inside the neuron is ________ the electrical charge outside the neuron.
  • Which neurotransmitter is associated with sleep, mood, and appetite?
  • Endorphins are ________.
  • ______ takes the information received from the senses,makes sense out of it,makes decisions and sends commands out to the muscles and the rest
  • Voluntary muscles are controlled by the ________ nervous system.
  • The sex glands, which secrete hormones that regulate sexual development and behavior as well as reproduction, are called _________.
  • ______________ takes advantage of the magnetic properties of different atoms to take sharp,3-D images of the brain.
  • The ________ is a structure in the brain stem that plays a role in sleep, dreaming, left-right body coordination, and arousal.
  • A group of brain structures located in the inner margin of the upper brain and is involved in learning, emotion, memory and motivation.
  • Signals from the neurons of which sense are not sent to the cortex by the thalamus?
  • If you have a problem remembering things that happened a year ago, doctors might check for damage to the area of the brain called the _______.
  • Which of the following lobes are involved in planning, memory, and personality?