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Medical / Psychiatric Care Final Prep Baseball

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A game to prepare ValleyAcademy Instructor hopefuls to pass the final exam.

Created Date 12.08.18
Last Updated 12.10.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Suboxone works in the brain by:
  • You meet with a client whose latest urine drug test was positive for marijuana. She adamantly denies smoking or ingesting pot. You press her for an explanation and she finally confesses that she attended a birthday party where people were smoking pot in the room she was in, so she must have gotten some in her urine that way. The best response you can give at this point is?
  • Immunoassay machine can produce a false positive/false negative.
  • LCMS/confirmation testing has an accuracy rate of?
  • Urine drug testing is not an invasion of privacy.
  • According to studies, how often do clients under-report their substance use?
  • According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), a client who is in treatment and actively using, urine drug testing should be performed at least how often?
  • You are supervising a clinician in training who is treating a client with a substance use disorder. The client is supposed to urine drug test twice a week randomly, but for the past two months has only tested once. While reviewing clinical notes, which of the following would be the most comforting to read given the clinical situation?
  • Which of the following is NOT a recommendation from the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) regarding urine drug testing?
  • While seeing a client for the first time, you ask about alcohol use and she says, “I drink about 16 beers a day.” You respond with some alarm saying, “Wow, that’s a lot of alcohol.” She replies, “What do you mean? I don’t drink alcohol, just beer. I mean, I’m doing pretty good because I stay away from the hard stuff like shots.” How many shots of alcohol is she consuming every day when she drinks 16 beers?
  • All the following are risk factors to develop and alcohol use disorder except:
  • All the following drugs have FDA approved medications to treat dependence except?
  • All of the following drugs will not kill brain cells except?
  • If you use marijuana regularly, what are your chances of developing a substance use disorder for pot?
  • Which age group is most likely to have a drug use disorder in the United States?
  • Which of the following drugs has the highest risk for suicide?
  • Using a prescribed stimulant ADHD medication to help people replace methamphetamine abuse use is effective.
  • What is the rate of prescribed stimulant diversion in the college student population?
  • What addictive substance has the highest comorbid rates of abuse in patients with ADHD?
  • What is the over-diagnosis rate for PTSD?
  • How many people exposed to trauma who initially show symptoms of PTSD will fully recover and not develop PTSD?
  • How many people exposed to sufficient trauma develop PTSD?
  • What is the most specific symptom in the diagnosis of PTSD?
  • Which substance is most likely to be abused by someone with PTSD?
  • Which is more likely to happen in someone with PTSD? Abuse alcohol, or attempt suicide?
  • A person with a substance use disorder is more likely to have which of the following co-morbid disorders?
  • How effective is medication assisted treatment (MAT) with Suboxone to help people remain sober when compared to placebo?
  • Treatment with medications to achieve sobriety is effective without psychotherapy?
  • The 'ceiling effect' of Suboxone means what?
  • Subutex is?
  • The average age of diagnosis for Autism Disorder is?
  • Which of the following is NOT a sign of Autism Disorder?
  • All the following statements about Asperger's Disorder are true except?
  • The United States has the lowest rates of Autism Diagnosis in the world.
  • The Autism therapy in which children learn the most meaningful vocabulary words in the most meaningful environment is called?
  • The FDA has approved which of the following medications to treat irritability associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder?
  • What percentage of Americans have personality traits so extreme and disruptive they can be classified as personality disorders?
  • Choose the words below that correctly complete this statement from DSM 5 – “An ___________ pattern of ____________ experience and behavior that deviates markedly from the expectations of the individual’s culture.”
  • Which of the following is NOT part of the diagnostic criterion for a personality disorder?
  • The personality disorder cluster described as 'dramatic & erratic' is?
  • Which of the following personality disorders exhibits distortions of thinking and perception, eccentricities of behavior, and acute discomfort in close relationships?
  • Medications to treat personality disorders are generally NOT effective.
  • What is the suicide rate for people with Borderline Personality Disorder?
  • Which of the following is NOT a diagnostic criterion of Borderline Personality Disorder?
  • Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder tend to get better over time.
  • Which DSM 5 diagnosis is the only one requiring non-suicidal self-injury or deliberate self-harm behaviors?
  • Mood stabilizers have been shown to improve which of the following symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder?
  • To maintain a therapeutic alliance with a patient with Borderline Personality Disorder, it is important to believe everything they say without question.
  • All the following are basic principles of conflict resolution EXCEPT:
  • According to research, good verbal de-escalation can be successful in less than how many minutes?
  • Which response is an example of 'fogging' in response to a complaint from a client that the lobby is too cold for comfort?
  • A client sitting in the corner of the lobby by herself looking scared yells when approached, "Stay away! I'm warning you! Stay away, or someone might get hurt!" The best way to de-escalate this situation is to?
  • Benzodiazepines are poor treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder.
  • Which of the following is NOT part of a malpractice lawsuit?
  • Which of the following is NOT part of the Triple Aim?
  • Which of the following is NOT a component of evidence-based medicine?
  • You are evaluating a new client for Major Depressive Disorder and she says that she can’t remember a time that she didn’t feel down and depressed. Which of the following answers is the most helpful in forming your response to her and your next clinical move?
  • The most specific symptom of Major Depressive Disorder is?
  • DSM 5 requires that during a manic episode the patient demonstrates what problem with their sleep?
  • In Major Depressive Disorder, how long does a person have to experience symptoms more days than not?
  • According to DSM 5, how long must a manic episode last?
  • According to DSM 5, how long must a hypomanic episode last?
  • According to DSM 5, how long must a Borderline episode last?
  • According to DSM 5, how long must symptoms of schizophrenia last to diagnose the disorder?
  • Bipolar episodes are typically preceded by a stressor.
  • Borderline episodes are typically preceded by a stressor.
  • Which of the following must be present in order to diagnose a psychiatric disorder?
  • When a severely and persistently mentally ill person is angry and upset it is a direct result of their mental illness.
  • Customer service standards and practices apply to behavioral health.
  • Customer service and Client-centered Care are the same concepts.
  • What's best for the clinician's schedule is not always what's best for the organization.
  • A client does not have the right to be included in the decision-making process of their care.
  • Clients do not have an obligation to consider the well-being and rights of others around them.
  • The actions of some employees at Valley Behavioral Health do not have an impact on client care.
  • We do not owe our clients happiness.
  • Bad providers are those that do not fix all client complaints at every visit.
  • The odds that a person with schizophrenia will be hospitalized in a year are?
  • The symptoms associated with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder started with the Vietnam War.
  • Men are less likely than women to develop PTSD.
  • A 7 year-old child is less vulnerable to maltreatment than a 12 year-old.
  • The diagnosis of ADHD has always included both children and adults.
  • Men are diagnosed with PTSD more often than women.
  • Latino children are diagnosed with PTSD more than white children.
  • American has not experienced an opiate crisis before the current one.
  • People with ADHD are less likely to have a substance abuse disorder than people with Major Depressive Disorder.
  • Vaping is not an effective way to quit smoking.
  • Cannabidiol is an addictive part of marijuana.
  • Compared to alcohol, all drugs combined kill more Americans each year.
  • Alcohol in small amounts is not healthy.
  • Showing trust and faith in your substance abuse client may cause a significant delay in treatment progress and expose the client to unnecessary risk to their health and well-being.
  • Urine drug testing does not reduce positive drug test results in the workplace.
  • Which of the following is NOT a standard of customer and client-centered care?
  • The ability to understand the behavior and actions of your client even when they might not understand themselves is what type of empathetic engagement?
  • Understanding the client's point of view as the client works to communicate their perspective to the staff member is what type of empathetic engagement?
  • The ability to negotiate and compromise with clients on meeting their needs is which type of empathetic engagement?
  • The ability to provide options from which to choose is which type of empathetic engagement?
  • Providing clear opportunities for the client to talk is which type of empathetic engagement?
  • Doing for the client what they can do for themselves may be?
  • Treatment providers at Valley Behavioral Health are client advocates.