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AP Psychology: Extra Credit

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by: bella rosas

Created Date 11.21.19
Last Updated 11.22.19
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Topics of this game:
  • What is the Humanistic Perspective?
  • When participants do not know the true purpose of a study; do not know which group they are assigned to is called ___________?
  • Which of the following is NOT true about a positively skewed distribution?
  • The portion of the axon terminal where neurotransmitters are stored before being released across nervous synapses is named ________?
  • Which statement is incorrect?
  • Which scan is the best?
  • Which lobe is responsible for making plans and judgments?
  • A person with damage to Broca's area would most likely demonstrate which of the following symptoms?
  • Information processing guided by higher-level mental processes, as when we construct perceptions drawing on our experience and expectations is known as _______?
  • The light-sensitive inner surface of the eye, containing receptor rods and cones plus layers of neurons that begin the processing of visual information is known as the ______?
  • The system for sensing the position and movement of individual body parts is known as _______?
  • Which is correct?
  • The process of observing and imitating a specific behavior is known as _______?
  • A desire to perform effectively for its own sake is known as _______?
  • Bandura is to the Bobo Doll as Seligman is to ______?
  • Memory is similar to a computer.. which of the following is true?
  • Items at the end and those at the beginning are remembered best correlates with which of the following terms?
  • Inability to remember things before the trauma is known as ______?
  • Which is NOT a mnemonic device?
  • Which of the following does not correlate with short-term memory?