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Abnormal Psychology Baseball

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Test your knowledge of Psychological Assessment and diagnosis.

Created Date 02.16.15
Last Updated 02.16.15
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Topics of this game:
  • What indicates the percent of time the screener accurately identifies the absence of a problem?
  • Assessments to identify potential psychological problems or predict the risk of future problems if someone isn't referred for further assessment.
  • The degree to which a test measures what it was intended to measure.
  • Comparisons that require comparing a persons score with the scores of a sample of people who are representative of the entire population.
  • Results when a clinician uses data from large groups of people to make a judgement about a specific individual.
  • ____ ____ indicates the person to be tested understands the test's purpose, its related fees, and who will see the results.
  • When a clinician asks each patient the same set of questions - usually with the goal of establishing a diagnosis.
  • A process in which a patient observes and records his or her own behavior as it happens.
  • A test device used to measure differences in electric voltage between various parts of the brain.
  • The presence of more than one disorder or illness.