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AP Psych Review Game: Semester 1

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AP Psych first-semester mc review game

Created Date 12.05.19
Last Updated 12.06.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Which of the following perspectives argues that every person has the potential to become self-actualized?
  • An important difference between humanistic and psychoanalytic approaches is that humanistic psychologists believe in the importance of:
  • Which of the following is a term for a variable that researchers do not control and that can affect the results of a study?
  • Painkilling substances produced by the brain are known as
  • The time shortly after a neuron fires is referred to as
  • If an individual has lost the ability to feel pain in the left arm, there is most likely damage to what area of the brain?
  • Money most often modifies people’s behavior because it is a powerful
  • Feature detectors are neurons that are turned on or off by specific features of visual stimuli like edges and movement. Where in the visual system are these feature detectors located?
  • Balance is influenced by the
  • Which of the following refers to the transformation of stimulus energy into neural impulses?
  • A researcher is training laboratory rats to run a complex maze. Each time the rats learn a new part of the maze, they are rewarded with a pellet of food. Within a few hours, the rats have learned the entire maze. Which of the following did the researcher use to teach the rats the maze?
  • A child who learns that spoons are tableware and then correctly calls forks and knives tableware is demonstrating
  • A teenager would most probably draw on which of the following to recall her tenth birthday party?
  • Matthew learned to play the violin at a very early age. He is able to play several songs from memory, but he does not remember learning to play them. Matthew’s ability to play the violin depends on which of the following types of memory?
  • In elementary school, Lisa learned to speak some Japanese in addition to English. As a sophomore in high school, Lisa took a class in Chinese. She found that some of the new vocabulary was difficult to learn because her earlier Japanese vocabulary was competing with the new Chinese words. This situation best illustrates
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A teenager would most probably draw on which of the following to recall her tenth birthday party