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Children Class

Created Date 01.23.21
Last Updated 01.25.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Was the Bicentenary of the Birth of Bahaullah celebrated in Sweden?
  • The Promised Day of ... is Come
  • He Who is the .... of the Adored One hath been established upon the throne of His name.
  • Bahaullah was born in 1817.
  • Bahaullah was born in Shiraz.
  • When Bahaullah was a child, His education included .....
  • This Wronged One hath frequented no ..., neither hath He attended the controversies of the learned.
  • What kind of show made a great impression on Bahaullah?
  • By My Life! Not of Mine own ... have I revealed Myself, but God, of His own choosing.
  • What year did Bahaullah marry Asiyih Khanum?
  • What year did Bahaullah's father die and Bahaullah was offered his position?
  • Bahaullah had one person discharged from his job because he was very unfair and cruel. What was his job?
  • Who tried to get a village that belonged to Bahaullah but failed?
  • Who was Bahaullah's father?
  • What was the name of Bahaullah's mother?
  • What was Bahaullah's birth name?