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How well do you know your 3 approaches to Ethical Analysis?

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Ethical Theories

Created Date 04.26.18
Last Updated 04.26.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Which theory does this statement belong to: "The moral content of an action is determined by the real and expected consequences of an action"?
  • Which theory does this statement belong to: "Regards the action itself as the object of moral evaluation"?
  • Which theory does this statement belong to: "Concerned with the intention behind the action"?
  • Which theory states, "Everyone counts for one and no counts for more than one"?
  • Which theory uses the basis of, "Do unto others what you would have them do unto yourself"?
  • Which theory formulates the norms on the basis of human characteristics or qualities?
  • Which theory is Aristotle associated with?
  • Who is considered the "father of utilitarianism"?
  • Which theory has a criticism of falling short where justice needs to be done to certain principles such as, people's claim to rights and fairness?
  • Which theory measures pleasure and pain in quantifiable units?
  • What are the 2 variants of Utilitarianism?
  • By grounding principles in a social contract, one presumes the implicit concent of which of the following?
  • Which best describes "Prima Facie" duties?
  • Who addressed the issue of what to do if there is a conflict between principles?
  • Which variant of Utilitarianism is it necessary to keep track of all the consequences of a particular action in order to evaluate it?