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Classroom Rules: What Should You Do?

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This game will test classroom rules and behaviour.

Created Date 08.01.18
Last Updated 08.02.18
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Topics of this game:
  • The substitute teacher asks you to stop talking...What should you do?
  • In an effort to correct your behavior, the teacher has pulled you into the hall and is trying to counsel you....What should you do?
  • While playing a game in class, your opponent got the correct answer first.....What should you do?
  • While working with your group, one student disagrees with your answer and proposes a new answer....What should you do?
  • While playing a game of Jeopardy, your group earns the most points....What should you do?
  • During a lab, your teammate made a mess that the teacher tells you to clean up....What should you do?
  • While working on a group project, someone notices you have nothing to color with. They ask if you would like to use their crayons....What should you reply?
  • While playing at recess, you notice an empty Taki bag on the ground....What should you do?
  • While waiting in the lunch line, you hear your friend making fun of another student's hair....What should you do?
  • On your way to electives, you notice another student who is getting in trouble....What should you do?