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Debriefing Dare 2.0

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Dare you to test your debriefing knowledge! Answer questions about simulation debriefing to gain more chances to line up the veggies (3 of the same in a row) and gain points! Finish the game to declare - Boom Chakalaka!

Created Date 02.12.23
Last Updated 02.12.23
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Topics of this game:
  • TRUE or FALSE: The debriefing process is planned, facilitated, and includes feedback, debriefing, and/or guided reflection.
  • The goal of debriefing is:
  • TRUE or FALSE: Unstructured debriefing is as effective as structured debriefing.
  • Which statement below is TRUE about debriefing.
  • Feedback during a debriefing should NOT be delivered by:
  • During debriefing it is appropriate to reflect on:
  • Which of the following is NOT an outcome that has been shown to increase with effective debriefing?
  • TRUE or FALSE: The INACSL Debriefing Standard is on it's fifth iteration.
  • Historically debriefing began in:
  • TRUE or FALSE: There are less than 10 published evaluation tools for debriefing.