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SOCIOLOGY 205 Lessons 2 & 3

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Game incorporating content from lesson 2 (theory) and 3 (theory cont.)

Created Date 02.25.19
Last Updated 02.26.19
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Topics of this game:
  • How is sociological theory related to methods?
  • Scientific facts differ from other forms of knowledge. How?
  • True or false: Macro theory involves the study of human behavior in everyday face to face interactions.
  • Auguste Comte is considered the Father of what?
  • The sociological canon includes work of Comte, Mead, Marx, Weber, and _____?
  • Karl Marx developed which theory?
  • Marx had a guiding question for his sociological studies. True or False: Marx's guiding question asked to answer how there is so much poverty and inequality despite wealth and prosperity developed in capitalism.
  • Durkheim's guiding question is which of the following?
  • Weber had how many structures of authority?
  • Weber's Traditional structure of authority claims what?
  • Micro-Theory is the study of large groups
  • What is Macro-Theory
  • Positivism is the idea that everything can be explained by using logic and a scientific process
  • Social facts are facts and norms that can not be studied in the real world and can be proven
  • What is mechanical solidarity
  • What is organic solidarity
  • Manifest functions are unintended and unrecognized effects on a society
  • Marxism is the idea that class struggles will influence change in a society
  • Integration and regulation can lead to suicide if there is too much or too little of them
  • Anomie is a feeling of happiness due to modern day social life
  • Webers guiding question was...
  • Weber answered his question through assessing areas for the amount of formal rationality
  • When Weber talked about status... he meant:
  • Rational legal authority is the result of someone being wealthier than everyone else
  • Traditional authority is
  • Weber's four types of rationality include:
  • Protestant Ethic
  • Latent Functions are
  • The sum of someone's ideas and beliefs on how society should be ran
  • A gesture that is that multiple people understand as the same thing is a symbol