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Systematic Oppression /Liberation Health Model

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Game is based off the readings from the text book: readings for diversity and social justice

Created Date 04.26.20
Last Updated 04.27.20
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Topics of this game:
  • What are the 3 factors of the liberation health model designated as?
  • What are certain intuitions that tend to perpetuate the cycle of structural oppression?
  • Families of color often report feelings of shame and blame because they are aware of the biased judgments rendered upon them and their family
  • what are some personal factors that contribute to the problem?
  • How does the liberation health model help social workers to better understand the clients problem?
  • ________is a preconceived judgement based on stereotypes and limited information.
  • ______is a system that operates to the advantage of white people and the disadvantage of people of color
  • The systematic advantages of being white is often referred to as White privilege
  • Class-ism is the institutional, cultural & individual set of practices & beliefs that assign differential value to people based on their socioeconomic class
  • An estimated ______million people are homeless in the U.S
  • Brenda identifies herself as bisexual, however her parents think she is going through a “phase” and expect Brenda to marry a cis-gender male, attend to her husband and raise children based on hereto-gender normative guidelines. This scenario demonstrates what?
  • _____ is the hatred of femininity or all that is feminine and is not limited to only those who identify as women
  • Sexism is the Misogynistic ideology and sense of superiority that cis-gendered men have towards women.
  • Over half of all anti LGBTQIA Homicides are committed against Trans women, 3 Quarters of those homicides are trans people of color
  • _____% of trans women have been incarcerated at some point in their life and ______% for black trans people.