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Talking Safely Online

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Teams of students play together to win!

Created Date 04.22.20
Last Updated 04.23.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Sally is talking with Steven62 online. He says, “Is Sally your real name?" Sally should
  • What is 1 example of private information?
  • Lila's online friend asks what her favorite color and animal is. That is private info.
  • An online friend is really a stranger.
  • Which of the following is private information?
  • Can you ever really know if an online-only friend is male or female?
  • Can you know for sure how old an online-only friend is?
  • What should you do before you type any information about yourself online?
  • What does uncomfortable mean?
  • It is OK to share your school password with your friends.
  • Online friends are always dangerous.