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Electrical Grounding


In this learning module, you'll explore what electrical grounding is, how it works, and some real-world applications.

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Posted by Shyam on 11/5/2017 4:54:16 AM Votes 0.00 Thumps Up Thumps Down

what is difference between ground and eath??

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This learning object has some errors that need attention.

The ground wire does not carry a current in normal operation.

There is not one wire coming from the power company to the user.

This really needs review, it seems to of mixed a block diagram view vs a circuit view.

Enjoy! Tim

Posted by Tim Tewalt on 6/26/2019 7:25:14 AM Reply

Slide #21 states that the ground wire carries no current in normal operation. "It only carries current when something goes wrong with the current".

Posted by Brett Sheleski on 7/16/2019 9:40:27 AM Reply

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