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Forward/Reverse Ladder Circuits


In this animated object, learners study the operation of a ladder circuit that controls the rotational direction of a DC motor.

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Nice LO. Shows visually what would take at least a few well written paragraphs to explain. This will answer many questions on basic ladder logic.

Posted by Craig Hemken on 9/12/2007 12:00:00 AM Reply

not play this animated object after download.

Plz help me by described how play to play this animated object.

Posted by eng. sobuzahmed on 5/29/2016 8:07:31 AM Reply

If you have downloaded a learning object. Sometimes the .zip gets left off of the file name while downloading it. In that case, left click to rename your downloaded file and add .zip to the name (

Be sure to UNZIP or EXTRACT the files. Then you can click on the .html file to play the animation in your browser.

Posted by Tom Thiel on 5/31/2016 9:08:57 AM Reply

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