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Diversity in 21st Century Work Teams


Learners test their knowledge of demographics in the United States and in the world. Immediate feedback is provided.

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In viewing this data, the importance of understanding diversity becomes even clearer. All individuals carry social, economic, political, and multiple cultural backgrounds and experiences. Some will be similar, but a lot will differ from our own. If we are to really work together, we must recognize that these array of characteristics and qualities exist and we must seek to maximize the potentials that can be garnered from each one.

Posted by Michelle Flagg on 2/4/2011 5:56:32 PM Reply

I would challenge updating or fixing the numbers more in-line with credible sources, such as CIA World Factbook or United Nation. This is a good exercise to show how diverse society is and it would further aid people to the world around them

Posted by jeremy wood on 5/19/2012 11:35:31 AM Reply

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