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Solving Trade Discount Problems


Learners follow a step-by-step process to solve trade discount problems. A short quiz completes the activity.

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Posted by Kyle Syeda on 9/27/2015 11:54:44 PM Votes 0.00

How much would be required on July 7 to settle an invoice of $740.49 dated June 27 with credit terms 2/10, 1/20, n/60

Posted by Tracie Gipson on 10/21/2015 10:30:45 AM Votes 0.00

net price 296.18 discount terms 3/15,n/30 what is the percentage

Posted by tttcd on 6/7/2016 5:27:51 PM Votes 0.00

A tennis racket has a $140 list price and a 25% trade discount rate. What is the complement of the trade discount rate?

Posted by Daud De Classic on 6/21/2016 11:59:08 PM Votes 0.00

Use single and series of discount rates to calculate trade discount?

Posted by ANJANEYULU P on 8/7/2016 4:47:10 AM Votes 0.00

If the Marked Price of an article is Rs.54/- and discount is Rs.6/-what is the Selling Price?

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A merchant pays a 3.5% fee to the Bank of Montreal on all MasterCard sales.


What amount will she pay on sales of $17,552 for a month?

Posted by Kyle Syeda on 9/27/2015 11:52:55 PM Reply

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